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Introduction to the Hestia Fixed Income Account and Qualifying Fixed Income Opportunities

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Is your portfolio diversified?

What is a Fixed Income?

How can you access it and why should you?

Fixed Income opportunities are not easily accessible by individuals. This is usually due to high informational barriers and large minimum transaction sizes and costs. However, Fixed Income opportunities are a valuable part of everyone’s portfolio, and right now, thanks to Hestia Trust Fixed Income Account, they have become more accessible thanks to conventionally lower entry points.

Hestia Trusts, which is a Bare Trust account, have invited Fixed-Income specialists: Gavin Roman from Urban Village Group, and Glenn Scott-Ellis, Director of LinkLease to give you a unique insight and information about:

  • What are Fixed-Income Opportunities

  • Why creating a steady income is crucial for mitigating portfolio risk

  • Terms associated with Fixed-Income Opportunities

  • How can you access Fixed-Income Opportunities? What are the options available, what is the minimum amount and what are the typical payouts?

These and more points will be discussed during this exclusive webinar, followed by a Q&A session.

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